This is a full-day HANDS-ON interactive workshop where instructors bring their course proposal and/or syllabus to create a service-learning course.  The workshop uses a metacognitive first-letter mnemonic device to frame and recall the basic steps:

O = Objectives
P = Partnerships
E = Engagement
R = Reflection
A = Assessment

Each of the five components are covered in depth to include consideration of important concepts and practices such as intercultural humility and cultural competency, reflection strategies before/during/after service, assessing impac, and preparing for promotion and tenure review. I create a custom-made workbook for your campus that is used during the workshop.   

For a quick introduction of OPERA, see the video page on this website.  

Welch, M. (2010). O.P.E.R.A.: A first letter mnemonic and rubric for conceptualizing and implementing service-learning courses. Australian Journal of Educational Research, 20(1), 76-82.